My thesis project was completed over the course of a single semester from mid-August to mid-December 2010. While doing the research to choose a topic, I stumbled across an article published in the Nature Conservancy Magazine about cowboys in Florida. It immediately piqued my interest. After that, whenever I tried to explain my thesis project, the response was always the same: “There are cowboys in Florida?” The more people expressed disbelief in my topic, the more I was convinced it was perfect.

Considering the short time span I was given, I decided to focus on only one ranch to tell the bigger story of what the life of a rancher in Florida is really like. I developed a relationship with the good people of Adams Ranch. They generously allowed me to stay in an extra room on the property and in the weeks that followed, I rode with camera in hand and documented the everyday lives of the cowboys.

All my footage was shot with the Canon 5D Mark II with the exception of the interviews which were shot with the Panasonic HMC-150.

ONA 2011 Online Journalism Awards
Finalist, Online Video Journalism, Student