28 Lessons at 28


I recently watched a TED talk given by one of my personal role models, graphic design maverick Stefan Sagmeister. Early in the talk he confesses to being a “big list-maker” and reveals one list that spurred the creation of his book, Things I have learned in my life so far. Feeling inspired, I decided to make my own list of life lessons and since my birthday was approaching, I figured 28 would be an appropriate number. I made this list mainly for myself but I hope it will lend you a bit of inspiration as well. If it does, let me know in the comments!

So here they are, my 28 lessons at 28:

  1. Life is too short to do work you don’t love
  2. Nothing worthwhile comes easily
  3. Happiness is a choice
  4. Education doesn’t end when you graduate
  5. Reality is far more malleable than you think
  6. A life free of struggle is not worth living
  7. There is secret power in long, solitary walks
  8. Alcohol can fuel creativity; but too much can kill it
  9. Being a good conversationalist means being a good listener
  10. Invariably question any way of thinking or living that was thought up by someone else
  11. Ego is an illusion
  12. Reality is perception and perception is subjective
  13. A dose of madness is needed to stay sane
  14. Never let society tell you how to think about sex, relationships or your own body
  15. Writing has a magical power to clear the mind and bring everything into focus
  16. Making up your own rules is easier than you think
  17. Remembering that you will die shatters the illusion that you have something to lose
  18. All confidence flows from self-awareness
  19. Every person is experiencing life for the first time; we’re all playing jazz
  20. Art exists at the boundaries of communication
  21. Our sexual identities govern more than we realize
  22. Every creative master left the blueprints for greatness in their work
  23. There is no “real purpose” to life just as there is no “real purpose” to dancing
  24. You will never know the true value of something until it’s gone
  25. The voyage of self-discovery has no destination
  26. All that you know and love will change; cherish every single moment
  27. Never take life too seriously
  28. Endings are beginnings in disguise

Photo by Arien via morgueFile